Camp Assiniboia Communicable Disease Prevention Plan & Policies for Guest Groups

Download a .pdf of the document here.

For the safety of our guests, volunteers and staff, and also in recognition of the on-going risk of COVIDÔÇÉ19, Camp Assiniboia remains committed to minimizing the risk of spread using the following prevention plan.  These policies are based on orders from the Public Health Act dated October 4, 2021 and are subjected to change as new health orders arise.  

  • Rental groups shall assume the permitted duties of Camp Assiniboia, including requirements to ensure qualified personnel are present while using camp facilities such as waterfront or pool programs and compliance with plans relating to COVID-19 Prevention Orders.  Furthermore:
    • the rental group operator(s) and persons designated as camp health officers, or lifeguards will be identified in the lease agreement form
    • the lease agreement and required information will be kept on file for a period of at least 5 years.

Camp Access and Capacity

  • Staff, volunteers and guests must screen for symptoms every day prior to coming to camp using the COVID-19 Screening tool found at
  • All guests, staff and volunteers must sign in upon arrival for contact tracing purposes.
  • Upon arrival, all guests must provide proof that they are fully immunized, along with identification that verifies their name if they wish to access the main lodge for recreation or indoor food services. Children under 12 years of age will be exempt, as well as people who produce proof from the Government of Manitoba that states that there is a medical reason to not receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Indoor gathering spaces (other than the main lodge) is limited to 25 people or 25% capacity, whichever is lower for guest that are not fully vaccinated. Please check with our Guest Service Coordinator regarding the capacity limits of specific rental spaces.
  • Outdoor capacity is limited to 50 people regardless of vaccination status.
  • When not seated at a table, guests must maintain a separation of at least two metres from each other.
  • Overnight accommodations can be shared amongst members of a single cohort of up to 15 people with no interaction between cohorts.
  • Guests who stay overnight must provide proof that they are fully immunized, however children between the ages of 12-17 do not require proof of vaccination. Moreover, children between the ages of 12-17 may access facilities or areas of the camp that would normally be restricted to persons who can provide proof of immunization if no other members of the public are present.  At all times, the requirement for 15-person cohorts, the restriction on interaction between cohorts, and indoor mask use remain in place.

Safety Measures

  • All guests, volunteers and staff will wear masks indoors except in the instances outlined in Order 29 subsections (3) and (4). The masks must cover the mouth, nose and chin without gapping.[1]
  • The masks must cover the mouth, nose and chin without gaping.
  • Groups must designate one or more people to ensure that those not wearing a mask inside are reminded to do so as soon as practicable.
  • Upon arrival, guests will receive a brief orientation during which these policies will be noted.
  • Should a guest fall ill while at camp, they will be isolated in a designated room until arrangements can be made for their transport home.
  • Camp Assiniboia will encourage guests to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Outdoor programming will also be strongly encouraged.
  • We continue to encourage good hand hygiene practices using soap and water or the alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided in the lodge.
  • Camp Assiniboia has enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures in place for washroom facilities, kitchen areas and high-touch areas. We ask that guests assist us in maintaining clean facilities by using the disinfectant spray provided in the washrooms.
  • If a program or activity occurs indoors, windows and doors be opened to allow fresh air circulation (as weather permits).

Camper Accommodation and Sleeping:

  • Living accommodations can be shared amongst members of a single cohort of up to 15 people.
  • Ventilation will be optimized by opening windows and doors (as weather permits).
  • Cabin access will be limited only to the campers and staff who reside in that cabin (i.e., members of the cohort).
  • Unless otherwise mandated, masks will not be worn by members of the cohort when in their accommodation.

The sleeping areas will be spaced out to maximize the distance between heads.

[1] The mask mandate does not apply in respect of the following:

(a) a child who is under five years of age; (b) a person with a medical condition that is unrelated to COVID-19, including breathing or cognitive difficulties, or a disability, that prevents them from safely wearing a mask; (c) a person who is unable to put on or remove a mask without the assistance of another person; (d) a person who is swimming or engaged in other athletic activities; (e) a musician performing at licensed premises or at a concert hall or other performing arts venue; (f) a person who needs to temporarily remove their mask while in the indoor public place for the purpose of (i) receiving a service that requires the removal of their mask, (ii) consuming food or drink, (iii) an emergency or medical purpose, or (iv) establishing their identity. 

Employees are not required to wear masks (a) in an area of the indoor public place to which members of the public do not normally have access; or (b) located behind a non-permeable physical barrier.