Birding Retreat 2024

May 24th - May 26thBirding Retreat 2024

May 24-26 at Camp Koinonia

Welcome to the 22nd Camps with Meaning Annual Birding Retreat, an important event for participants to experience God’s creation with others who love bird watching.

No experience required - A special invitation is extended to students and novice birders of all ages. For birding outings, novice participants will be teamed up with more experienced birders.

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Birding Destinations

Friday Option: Grasslands Tour in southwest corner of Province following a prescribed route including various stops.  Manitoba Grasslands Birding Trail.pdf

Saturday: Whitewater Lake and Vicinity, which is one of Manitoba’s most biodiverse wetlands that provides habitat for 100+ bird species. The Birds of Whitewater Lake | Nature Manitoba

Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker Expanded Bios and Pictures (pdf)

Alex Froese is a wildlife biologist and author, residing near Winnipeg. She has worked with endangered bird species in Manitoba for over 16 years. For the last 14 years, she has dedicated her time in the southwestern corner of Manitoba to aid in the recovery of Manitoba's most rare owl, the burrowing owl. Alex founded the Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program (MBORP) after finishing her master's studies at the University of Winnipeg where she focused her studies on the species.

Brad Bird lives at Lake Metigoshe on Turtle Mountain. He has deep roots in the area being the grandson of one of Boissevain area's beloved, long term Doctors. His family is Red River Metis. As such, Brad was drawn to learn the skill of fur trapping from his neighbours. He's a student of animals, birds and plants of the area and worked for a time as the Turtle Mountain Park interpreter. Former newspaper reporter and war correspondent and adventurer.

Registration Options

Weekend Birding Only: Whitewater Lake and vicinity (arrive Friday evening)

  • Early Bird (register by April 8/24) $190
  • Regular Rate (register by May 9/24) $205
  • Full Time Student $100
  • Children Under 12 FREE

Friday Birding Option: Grasslands Tour (arrive Thursday evening)

  • Early Bird (register by April 8/24) $215
  • Regular Rate (register by May 9/24) $230
  • Full Time Student $100
  • Children Under 12 FREE

Bus Transportation Option $100 per person

Car Pooling Option: Those traveling in cars, please provide your driver with fuel cost. We recommend $0.12/km.

Meals are provided from Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch.

Note: If cost presents difficulty, please contact a committee member)\

Bus Transportation Departures

1. Grasslands Tour Bus Departs Winnipeg Thursday afternoon (4:45 pm) from Canadian Mennonite University south parking lot.

2. Whitewater Lake Tour Bus Departs Winnipeg Friday afternoon (4:45 pm) from Canadian Mennonite University south parking lot.

What to bring

  • Binoculars and field guides
  • Sleeping bag, pillow
  • Towel, personal items
  • Outdoor clothing, hats, boots, sunscreen etc.
  • Re-usable water bottles and portable coffee/tea mugs
  • Indoor shoes/slippers
  • Spotting scopes
  • Bug repellant or mosquito netting


Sleep Options-Safety and Comfort

Since there may be participants who require their own rooms, we will attempt to provide this space as lodging is available.

For more Information please contact planning committee members:

  • David Neufeld (chair): (204-470-1902)
  • Gordon Janzen: (204-478-1530)
  • Karis Penner: (204-380-2808)
  • Dieter Schonwetter: (204-230-1253)