Pedal Dash Paddle Registration

Thanks for joining our adventure!

More about the registration process:

  1. Register now. No $$ required at this point, however, you must pay or raise $100 per person prior to the event. (Of course, it would be very awesome if you raised more!)
  2. Once registered, you will receive an email in a couple weeks with more details on how you can pay and have others donate to you or your team.
  3. We will create a webpage where you or your team name will be listed.
  4. Please feel free to use the PDP logo and let others know you've registered.

Please contact the Camps with Meaning office for more information.

Individual or Team

Registration info

Pedal Dash Paddle can be done solo, as a 2 person team (for the competitive race), or as a family group (for the non-competitive race). Please give full details for the contact person and basic info for each additional participant.

Additional Participants

  • For a 2 person team, please include additional name and email address.
  • For a family, please include names.

Race Info


Yes, "Advanced" and "Intermediate" are kind of arbitrary... don't worry too much about it... choose what you're feeling.

Free Meal for Registrants

Please let us know if you're staying for the meal. Guests/spectators are welcome to eat for $10.